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Deep Love Lines For Facebook - Find Great Collection Of Top True Love Status in English And Hindi For Whatsapp, Heart Touching Cute Love Captions For Instagram Photo Upload And Romantic Love Messages For Girlfriend Boyfriend.

true love status
True Love Status

Beautiful True Love Status Quotes For Whatsapp

We Were Meant For Each Other!!

No Matter How Much It Hurts I’Ll Always Love You

true love status in hindi
True Love Status In Hindi

I Just Wanna Hug You And Never Let Go K Just Want To Be There To Give You Kisses And Cuddles When Your Down And To Just Be

Attracting Love To Me Directly And Giving Out Love To The Universe And My Soul Mate

true love status in english
True Love Status In English

Me 4,I Will Always Be On Your Side No Matter What The Situation Is And I Know U Know Yo Self Dear

Best Whatsapp Love Status

I Love You More Every Day! So Happy Being With You!!!!

I Know We Have Our Fights But That Doesn’T Mean Anything I Never Want To Lose You I Want To Go Through Life With You And I Could Never Imagine My Life Without You

true love status for boyfriend
True Love Status For Boyfriend

You’Re My Everything I Can’T Believe I Found You I Never Thought I Would Ever Meet Someone So Amazing And Who Gets Me And Stays Even When I’M Being

In This Life And Next Babe! I Love You More And More Every Day!

true love status for gf
True Love Status For Gf

U Are My World,My Everything… I Thank God Dat U Came Into My Life ….Uve Changed Me From Good To Better My Love..I Love U

Love Status In English

Everything You Need Me To Be. Because You Do Just That For Me Every Day And More. I Love You With All Of Me And That Will Never Change.

You Have Become My Reason For Being. I Look Forward To Spending The Rest Of My Life Making You Smile, Laugh, Wiping Away Your Tears, And Being

true love status for whatsapp
True Love Status For Whatsapp

I Promise You Forever And That Through Everything We May Go Through, I Will Always Love You And Be Here For You

The Love Of My Life, Light Of My Darkest Day! I Will Love You Forever My Lover

true love status for fb
True Love Status For Fb

Love U From The Soul Of My Heart. If You Feel That U R Not Been Loved Then My Heart Beat May Have Stopped Working.

Whatsapp Status Love In English

You Won’T Always Come First,But That Doesn’T Mean You’Re Not The Most Important Person In My Life…I Love You Babe

I Know I Might Somtimes Annoy You Or We Stupidly Argue When We Get Drunk But I Love You So Much, I Allways Will

true love status for girlfriend
True Love Status For Girlfriend

I Know I Can Get On Your Nerves Slot But I Sent I Wouldn’T Ever Try To Find Someone Else I Love You Gorgeous

You Already This. . I’M Proud Of You For The Choices You Are Making And I’M Also Proud To Be Your Man

true love status for wife
True Love Status For Wife

Saying That I Love You Is Not The Word I Want To Hear From You,Its Not That I Want You Not To Say But If You Only Know,, I Wishing Ever Be To Show Me Are Those Words Real.

Lovely Status

I Know That Sometimes Somethings Bother You, But The Fact That I Love You Will Not Change…

You Are Definitely The Love Of My Love And I Will Always Love U Now And Forever And I’Ll Do Everything In My Power To Make U Happy And Smile

true love status for husband
True Love Status For Husband

I Can Be Hard Some Times For You To Deal With Me But I’M Glad I Got You And Hope You Feel The Same Love You Loads

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You Are The Love Of My Life!! You Are My Everything!! I Can’T Wait To Be Your Wife And Spend Every Day Of Forever With You!!!


I Will Always Love You. You Are The Greatest Thing That Has Happened To Me In A Long Time. My Heart Is Yours Forever

Status For Love

Whole Heartedly Forever I Appreciate Having Someone Like You,You Loved Me When Nobody Did I Hope You Stay In My Life Forever

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I Always Pray To God That He Bless Me With More Love That I Can Offer To You,Whatever That Happens To Us Always Know That I’Ll Love You


Just Thinking Of You Before I Fall Asleep And How I’M Blessed To Have You In My Life. To The Moon And Back Baby Girl

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Only One Forever And Ever I Love You My Beautiful Wife


This Is More True Than You Know And I’Ll Spend The Rest Of My Days Loving You To The Best Of My Ability Showing You Everyday That You’Re My

English Love Status

I Love You More Than Anything On This Planet, You’Ve Always Been There For Me Through Thick And Thin And Yam The Greatest Girl Ever Made

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You Are The Love Of My Heart. The Best Thing Ever Had Happened In My Life Was To Have You. My Soul Love You Alot.


Alone Again Neither Will I! You’Ll Always Have Me Dear, We Will Always Have Each Other And That Makes Me Not Only Happy But I Feel Blessed

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You’Re The Best Thing That’S Ever Happened To Me, And I Want To Be The Best For You Too, Always  You’Ll Never Be


Who Loves You Like I Do Babe I Love You So Damn Much Words Can’T Explain I I…Just Love You …

Lovable Status For Whatsapp

I Guess You Want Me To Tag You On All These Love Quotes ?Omg Babe I Will Never Stop Loving You Complete Me But You Will Never Find Someone


Whether Through Call, Text, Or Person, You Always Make My Day Brighter


I Honestly Love You A Lot. There’S Nothing More Than Spending The Rest Of My Days With You.


I Am So Truly Grateful For You!!! I Love You Forever!


I Love You More And More As Each Year Goes By!! I Never Knew What True Pure Genuine Love Was Until You!!

Beautiful Status About Love

The Best Things L Do Is Ill Stay With You Forever And Ever, No Matter What, Yes L Will Spend The Rest Of My Life And Days With You, Just Loving You,


Me And Thats Never Going To Change Your Mine Til The Day You Bury Me I Love You Princess


This Is So True Babe Its Impossible To Love Someone/Something Any More Than I Love You Your Just Simply Amazing , Perfect And Your The One For


Both Babe I Love You So Much Gorgeous


I Will Love You Forever N Ever Meeting U N Sharing My Life With You Is As Been N Will Be So Amazing N Can’T Wait See What The Future Brings For Us

Love Status In English For Whatsapp

When I Look At You, I See The Rest Of My Life In Your Eyes.


I Will Love You Forever.Our Paths Crossed And For That I Am Eternally Grateful. Thank You For Showing Me What Love Is And Loving Me The Way You Do.


Truly The Love Of My Life And The Best Thing Ever That Has Happened To Me. I Cherish U And Appreciate U. U Gave Me More Than U Think I Know.


You Are My Life, My Forever And My Everything. My Heart Mate


You Are The One For Me And I Know That. I Can Write A Book About This Babes.

Romantic Status

I Need You.


Always Babe. I Love You Till The Day I Die Baby. Your My Everything And I Appreciate All You Have Done For Me And Always Being There When


I Know I Can Be Difficult… But You’Ll Never Find Someone Who Loves You Like I Do.


And I Couldn’T Thank You Enough! I Love You!


You Are The Love Of My Life To Me Boo! You Are My Whole World And Much  More! You Are The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me,

Love Quotes For Whatsapp Status

I Love You With All Of My Heart Babe. I Am So Thankful To Always Have Your Support, Love, Faithfulness, And Forgiveness. You Are The Most Amazing


Never Question My Love For You. You Are My Heart & Soul, Best Friend, The Father To My Child  And I Love You To Everlasting Pieces


You Have My Entire Heart Babe. I Trust You With It, So Don’T Let It Down.


I’Ll Never Question My Love For You. I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life Loving You And Only You. You Are The One For Me And My Soul Mate.


Everyday And Forever. Between You And Me. I Never Leave You On Your Side. I Always Love You And I Always Miss You My Beautiful Baby.

Best Love Status For Whatsapp In English

I Always Feel On Your Heart To Be Same As Forever. I Always Spend Rest Of My Life With You. Thats Why I’M Always Still Here For You


You Are The Best Thing That Has Happened To Me Beautiful! I Love You So Much Baby Forever And Always Baby


You Are The Love Of My Life Without A Doubt My One And Only True Love.. You Are My Life, You Mean Everything To Me..


You Have Best Heart And Soul Babe.


I Thank You, Appreciate You, And I Love You With All My

Beautiful Love Status For Whatsapp

You, Are Truly The Love Of My Life And The Best That Has Ever Happened To Me.


It Is. It’S Hard To Find Good Honest People. It’S A Blessing When You Find It. True Love That’S What Every One Wants.


I Know That’S What I Want. Destiny Determines It. Good Friends Are Hard To Find. Than Keep Them..


No Matter What Distance Any Mistake Any Situation I’Ll Still Never Stop Luvin U


I Will Always Love You Dear, Trust Me

Lovely Status For Whatsapp

..I Never Stop Loving U Darling…


Loved Him Then Love Him Still Always Have Always


Loved You, Loving You, Will Be Loving You, Always Forever Love You


When Love Returns And You Really Want Them Too In Your Life.


Each And Everytime Time Am Thinking About You I Need You In My Life

English Love Status For Whatsapp

I Love You,I Need You,Well I’M Mad 4 U


This Is So Very True Dear. I Love You Baby With Everything I Am.


I Feel The Same Way About You Too. I Think About You A Lot. How Your Doing.


I Never Did.. I Just Stopped Showing It.. I Don’T Know What Happed To.. You Did Happn To Me.. I Was So Loyal… I Want U Back But I N Knw I Can Nevr Hv U Back.


I Could Never Stop Loving You I Could Never Not Feel Anything For You I’M Full Of Excitement And Joy When I See You

Status For Whatsapp In English For Love

I Love You Princes Sooo Much Then The Universe Don’T No How I Could Find Someone Like You Baby


I’Ve Always Has Some Feelings For You. But Now I Get To Be So Very Much In Love With You


..I Never Stop Loving You Sweethart. I Miss You Every Minute N With Every Beat Of My Heart


My Love For You Will Never Change I Will Always Love You Baby Girl And You Are My Beautiful Princess


I Will Always Be Love U.My Love For U Would Not Have Any End. It Will Be Going On Increase As My Life Is Passing.

True Love Status In English

I Always Will Feel That Way About You. Love You Forever.


I Really Cant Have Anything In My Mind When You Are There On The Other Side Of The Call….You Filled My Life With Happiness Nd My Heart With Love


I Am The Right Person Pls Just Give Me A Chance To Prove My Love To U I Love U


Are D Reason I Hardly Come Online My Love For U Is Love At First Sight I Know U Love Someone Else But Am Sure She’S D Wrong Person For U


I Am Sorry For Expressing My Feelings To U This Way I Tried My Best To Kill D Love I Have For U But D More I Try D More I Think Of U Everyday U

Love You Status For Whatsapp

I Will Always Love U ,All I Need Is A Second Chance, Let’S Make It A Try, U R The Sunshine That Makes My Day:: I L0ve U Bcos U Make Me Feel


Lets Cheer Up Always To Win Against Anything.Love You


My Dear Lover Thank You So Much To Be With Me Always.


Yet We Don’T Try To Rescue A Lifetime. To This Day I Would Drive The Distance To Get Her There Safely. Love Does Not Fade, It Gets Hidden.


No Matter The Time Return For Her So I Knew My Precious One Was Safe And Making It Home To Us.

Nice Love Status For Whatsapp

True With My Love  As Of This Day We Are Allowing 7 Months Of Giving Up Define 7 Years Of Building And Loving. Days Like This Defines My Love.


I Will Love You Always And Forever Even Though Our Relationship Has Ended. May The Lord Look After You Always.


At Loving Me Then You! Shut Em’ Down. I Love You So Deep You Make My Heart Skip A Beat!!


Eyes Have Been Shut My Entire Life Till I Seen You Never Once Did I Stop Staring At You’Re Fine-Ness!


If U Love Something Let It Go If It Doesn’T Come Back It’S Not Your U Never Came Back

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